Intern - Digital Designer


Do you have a passion for designing, creating websites, and making beautiful icons and images?

We’re looking for designers that are passionate about creating beautiful web content. In this position, you’ll create digital designs for clients across a number of industries such as fashion, real estate, tech, wellness, education and more. You’ll use your knowledge of the elements and principles of design to entice your audience to click, like and share.

With this internship, you will:

  • Publish content and copy to blogs and websites.
  • Create blogs and websites using Webflow.
  • Design email newsletters, social media posts, and more.
  • Learn how to optimize your content for the greatest SEO impact.
  • Use analytics to assess the impact of your work.
  • Create your own website or blog!

Why Work for Us?

We offer flexible hours

We don’t believe in being confined to an office space from 9-5 every single day-- that’s the old way things were done. Your work should be based on the spark of creativity that you get from within, which can happen anytime. To us, it’s all about getting the work done, it doesn’t matter where you get it done.

We love over the top communication

In this day in age, communication is important. Whether it’s via text, email, chat, etc. It’s important to be able to count on you to reply quickly during work hours. Waiting over a day for a reply won’t cut it.

We have a fun work environment

We work out of a cool loft with lots of young, hungry writers, artists and entrepreneurs. You’ll meet some cool people in Pittsburgh that are in it to win it, just like you. Our office is right on Walnut Street in the heart of Shadyside, which means when you need a break you can walk 10 steps to Starbucks, a juicery, or 100 other local shops / bars / restaurants / etc.

We’ll help you with full time employment

If you’re the right fit for us, we’ll make you a full time offer to try and keep you. If you’re not totally the right fit, we’ll still help you land a full time job somewhere awesome. Every design you create is your real portfolio that future employers will want to see, so that’ll help you get noticed. We also know hundreds of company founders that are always hiring across the nation that we can introduce you to and serve as a reference as well. In the past 20 years, we’ve probably helped over 100 friends of ours land a great job.

How to Apply!

You can send us your resume if you’d like. Example designs would be even better. Or if you aren’t too proud of either, write us an email with why you think you have what it takes for this position, and we’ll gladly read it and reply back with feedback.