Turn your idea into an adventure.

About Aiken House

What's Aiken House and WTF is a Venture Studio?

Aiken House is a venture studio. A venture studio is a place where you bring your idea + passion and let us do the rest.

The rest includes branding, marketing, sales, design, development and everything you could possibly need to gain real traction to either raise a round or turn your idea into a sustainable business.

You'll operate your business idea with passion and discipline.

We'll help you execute and scale. (and we may even pay you a salary.)

If you're looking for an incubator, go somewhere else >

“The tools and tactics available in 2021 to launch a new venture are unlike I've ever seen.

You can now launch & scale a business with a lot less effort.”
Joey Rahimi

Applications accepted all year long.


Successful, sustainable companies founded

* and counting

Money raised across all ventures.

* we prefer to do it without raising

Acquisitions and/or liquidity events

* nice
* Opening October 2019

The Magic happens in April for some reason.

Landed in Pittsburgh

Goodbye NYC, hellooooo Steel City!

April 1997
Startup #1

The OG Venture Adventure began, with our first startup launched. and still going, valued at over 20M.

April 2001
Startup #2

...and the party rolls on. Our second startup launched and was valued at over 75M.

April 2007
Startup #16

We've tackled industries in health care, CPG, real estate, e-commerce, and everything in between. Will your idea be Startup #17?

April 2019

Let's paint your story.

Startup growth is half art, half science. There's no exact blueprint to success, but we do have battle-tested tactics that can help any good idea grow.

Either way, we'll create a work of art along the way.

OK, I've heard enough, let's do this >