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Jul 17, 2020

6 Video Agencies in Pittsburgh You Need to Know About

Genna Edwards

You may have heard of video agencies before but aren’t quite sure what they do. Simply put, video agencies work with a vast array of companies and clients to produce a variety of videos. Some video agencies specialize in how-to videos, others specialize in marketing, but all video agencies are great at taking your company’s brand and ideas and bringing them to life in a way both your clients and target audience will understand.

With print media as a form of advertising dying out more and more, advertising is moving now more than ever online. Having digital advertisements is great, but having video advertisements is invaluable. As more and more people go online, your marketing opportunities will only expand.

Not sold on working with a video agency yet? We’ll outline why you should below. Then, we’ll cover Pittsburgh’s six hottest small video agencies that you can work with now or in the future.

Want a sneak peak? We'll also be introducing you to some of the top Video Agencies in Pittsburgh:

  • Wrecking Crew Media
  • Jumpstart Video Productions
  • Anthem video
  • Apple Box Studios
  • Cut ‘N’ Run Studios
  • Higher Images
Working with a video agency can take your company or brand to the next level. With more advertising online than ever before, now is the time to be creating quality video content for your target audience.

Why Work with a Video Agency?

Video marketing is taking over the world by storm- don’t be left in the dust while your competition rages on!

Film and video are now more than ever extremely important and elusive for your marketing goals. With the rise in popularity of video services such as YouTube, TikTok, and even video sharing options on Instagram, you simply can’t afford to not be making video content.

Video content can reach your viewers all over the world and is more dynamic than simple print media. Video content allows you to seamlessly explain what your company is and does in a dynamic way that will keep your audience engaged.

While it’s easy to scroll past print media full of words, a unique video will stand out in your demographic’s mind. Video marketing is becoming more popular than ever, with companies now starting their own blogs with video content and advertising on YouTube and elsewhere. The opportunities are endless.

Go with an Independent Consultant

Aiken House works with a lot of “indy” growth hackers and video producers, and we are more than happy to link you up with one - just contact us here.

No matter what field you’re in, you can use video content. Maybe you sell a product that’s hard to understand and you want videos that explain how to use your product, and highlight how great it is. Maybe you’re an educator looking to branch out into online teaching and you want to publish a set of instructional videos to YouTube. Maybe you’re a company with a clear brand that could use a short advert to help market to potential clients in board meetings.

Whatever the reason, Pittsburgh has you covered. Video agencies are very popular in this city and only growing in numbers.

Now that you’re hopefully sold, we’ll cover six of the best Pittsburgh agencies that can help you bring your creative dreams to life.

These agencies do it all so you don’t have to. From creating ideas to writing scripts to shooting and editing, Pittsburgh’s top video agencies have you covered. You don’t even need to break a sweat.

Pittsburgh’s Best Video Agencies

Wrecking Crew Media

229 Commercial Avenue | Aspinwall |

Key clients: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, UPMC Children's Hospital, Industrial Scientific, The Frick

Wrecking Crew Media creates “Video Content with a Purpose.” Stationed in the Aspinwall neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this video agency is a full-service production company that knows how to create great video content for any client- whether you want motion graphics, audio production, original music, sound design, and/or a creative team, Wrecking Crew Media has all that and more.

The agency has been around since 2004 and has worked with clients in health care, sports, non-profits, high tech, and food industries. They offer a range of capabilities including copywriting, casting, custom illustration, radio production, scripting, storyboarding, and more.

Jumpstart Video Productions

301 Grant St, Suite 4300 | Downtown |

Key Clients: Tuxedo Junction, Jimmy D's Nightclub, Hop House, Clearview Federal Credit Union

Jumpstart Video Productions has been around for almost a decade. They started as a way to give local businesses amazing production quality at fair, low-cost values. Now they’ve made hundreds of TV commercials, social media videos, and web series. They pride themselves on their transparency as a company and staying rigidly on time and on budget.

First, they research everything they possibly can about your business or product so they know you inside and out. Then they brainstorm and script your video in pre-production. After that, their well-trained crew shoots your video. Shoots can be done on whatever location you want or in their local studio, where they have more materials available.

After their producers edit the footage, they’ll send them to you for feedback. Then they create the final cut, and you’re good to go! The process is incredibly simple and their team will be with you throughout every step of the process.

Anthem Video

373 S Winebiddle St | Bloomfield |

Key Clients: Phipp's Conservatory, Patagonia, People's Gas, Toyota, American Heart Association

Anthem Video creates “videos that drive results.” They are a full-service video production company in Pittsburgh that works with everyone from small businesses to larger companies. They can help you turn your ideas and project into a reality.

They pride themselves on combining expert storytelling with video marketing acumen to form long-term partnerships with organizations. They want to help you grow as a company from the bottom up. Their videos are made with marketing impact in mind, so you can build your brand and attract new clients all at once.

First they’ll get to know your company and brainstorm with you. Then they’ll jump into video production to create the highest-quality video they can. Once production is finished, their master editors will finish the video off and then it’s off to social media and marketing tools.

They work with a huge array of clients, including TechCrunch, University of Pittsburgh, Patagonia, Coyote Outdoor Living, Larrimor’s, Prototype Pittsburgh, and more. You can find many of their videos on their website, if you’re interested in their work samples.

Apple Box Studios

1243 Penn Ave #200 | Downtown |

Key clients: Seton Hill University, Central Blood Bank, Simply Go

Apple Box Studios has been around in Pittsburgh since 2002, so needless to say, they know what they’re doing. They provide video production and editorial post-production services to many Pittsburgh clients in all sorts of fields. They’ve created brand anthems, training videos, animated presentations, social media videos, and more.

Their production services include script writing, storyboarding, videography, interviews, event video capture, transcription services, 3D animation, and more. They’ve done high-end broadcast commercials, corporate short and long form videos, social media video, teleprompter interviews, aerial photography, and more.

Some of their clients include Seton Hill University, Central Blood Bank, Simply Go, UPMC, Visit Pittsburgh, Northwood Realty, and more.

Cut ‘N’ Run Studios

1532 Beechview Ave | Beechview |

Key clients: Rivers Casino, Pittsburgh Steelers, TedX, Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

It may surprise you to know that Cut ‘N’ Run Studios has decades of combined experience with only five team members. Don’t let their small number fool you- Cut ‘N’ Run Studios is known for their dedication to their clients and their high-quality video production.

Cut ‘N’ Run Studios is a multimedia facility specializing in video production and photography. They were founded in 2005 and began as a small home office, growing into a small production studio in 2007. They believe that visual communication is the most powerful tool for storytelling. They can go through every step needed to create your company’s next great video in-house, on site.

Their studio facility is an acoustically-treated space with three editing suites. Staff create their own hours, coming and going when clients need them. This flexibility allows for more creative ideas to flow.

They have expertise in script writing, directing, shooting, non-linear editing, animation and graphics, and online video editing embedding.

Higher Images

301 E Main St | Carnegie |

Key clients: Hometown Spine and Sport, Costa Homes, Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh Business Show

Higher Images is a video production company that focuses on marketing, advertising, design, and PR. All of their videos are shot in HD and are available as 30, 60, or 90 second lengths. The shortness here tells us their specialty is in short company intros or advertisements for online pages. Higher Images offers company profiles, scripted ads, video news releases and feature news stories.

Go with an Independent Consultant

Aiken House works with a lot of “indy” growth hackers and video producers, and we are more than happy to link you up with one - just contact us here.

No matter your company or brand’s video needs, Pittsburgh is the place to be. Video agencies are more important than they’ve ever been, as advertising switches to online avenues and social media. If you’re looking to expand your company’s reach and brand awareness, consider hiring one of these local video agencies above.