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Oct 30, 2020

9 Exciting Marketing Internships in Pittsburgh

Katie Sabel

If you’re interested in pursuing an internship in marketing, we’ve got you covered! Whether your niche lies in writing content, working with data, outreach, design, or social media management, we’ve got the perfect internship for you. What’s even more exciting is that many of these internships offer on-the-job training. That’s right- no experience in marketing required! It’s a great opportunity to give marketing a try if you’ve ever thought you might enjoy it, but aren’t a business student. 

Plus, with these companies’ locations in Pittsburgh, you’ll be sure to have a blast. Whether you’re interning in summer, fall, or spring, Pittsburgh’s got exciting events year-round that’ll excite you outside of the office as well! And, of course, it’s of no small importance that Pittsburgh is a growing business hub for many different industries. There are countless companies doing amazing work that need marketing interns- even more than can fit in this list!

If that all sounds good to you, then let’s cut to the chase! Without any further ado, here is our list of 9 exciting marketing internships in Pittsburgh.

Digital Marketing Internships

A digital marketing intern looks at site traffic statistics, reviewing company trends
If you want to learn more about what it’s like to run an online brand and how companies get the word out, a Digital Marketing Internship has a lot to offer you!

First National Bank of Pennsylvania

12 Federal Street | North Shore |

Internships available: Summer 2021 Digital Marketing Intern

Interested in the financial services industry? At FNB, you’ll be able to gain great insight into the industry. As a Digital Marketing Intern, you’ll be working with FNB’s website to drive traffic and improve search engine and campaign results. Additionally, you’ll gain firsthand experience with SEO, Search Marketing, and paid media strategies. And it doesn’t stop there! FNB offers events and trainings for all its summer interns, too! No prior experience required- all that they ask is that you be an undergraduate student pursuing a major in areas such as Finance, Accounting, Marketing, or Information Technology.

In-Person Marketing Internships

Six marketing interns sit in a lounge, discussing client strategies for marketing with a personal touch
Learn how to give marketing that personal touch, and you’ll be sure to leave customers satisfied!

Point 412

200 Bursca Dr | Bridgeville |

Internships Available: Marketing Internship

Interested in learning more about in-person marketing? Point 412 is one of the fastest growing sales and marketing companies currently in the marketplace. While other companies have gradually shifted towards digital marketing techniques, Point 412 is unique in their dedication to face-to-face marketing. To them, it’s all about satisfying the needs of the customer. So, if developing personal relationships with customers appeals to you, this is the internship for you! Plus, Point 412 will help you develop your skill sets through the training they provide. There’s even opportunities to progress at 412 if you’re interested in coming onboard further down the line!

Interdisciplinary Marketing Internships

A woman multi-tasks on her phone, laptop, and papers during her interdisciplinary marketing internship
Passionate about social media, content creation, or design? You can learn about multiple areas of industry at once with an interdisciplinary marketing internship!

Management Science Associates

6565 Penn Ave | Bakery Square |

Internships Available: Business Development and Marketing Specialist Intern

If you’re looking to get hands-on experience with sales, and behind-the-scenes experience working with marketing data, here’s your opportunity! MSA works a lot with data, but they are a customer-first company. It’s always about what they can develop to best suit a client’s needs. They work with companies across all industries to help them manage data, develop systems for them, and create IT infrastructure that’ll make their business run smoother. As a Business Development and Marketing Specialist Intern, you’ll be doing sales and marketing tasks, and can even make potential prospect contact. Plus, you help manage internal sales data, analytics, and document prep tasks. To put it simply- you’ll get a rare glimpse at multiple sides of marketing, and hands-on experience in multiple areas. 

Waterloo Street

Internships Available: Marketing and Design Intern

Combine your talents in marketing and design with Waterloo Street! Waterloo Street is a Pittsburgh-based website design agency. The company is boutique, meaning that they’re a small company, and they work with small companies to develop their online presence and overall brand. As a Marketing and Design Intern, you’ll get to craft social media content across platforms, research digital trends, and assist in the development of digital and print marketing collateral. 

Aiken House

709 S Aiken Ave | Shadyside|

Internships Available: Music Marketing + Social Media Intern

If you have a passion for music and new age topics, then this is the marketing internship for you! In this internship, you’ll be working closely with Pittsburgh rappers Kellee Maize and Jonny Goood (the bass player for Lady Gaga). You’ll learn all about the principles of SEO and marketing. Plus, you’ll get to experience developing content that makes an audience click, like, and share across platforms. Additionally, you’ll be able to help develop a social media and marketing strategy for these clients as well. It’s flexible hours, and you even have the opportunity to work for Aiken House full-time if it’s the right fit!

Attack Theatre

2425 Liberty Ave | Strip District |

Internships Available: General Management Internship

If you love marketing and the performing arts, come work with Attack Theatre! With their General Management Internship, you’ll be working across different departments. From production, to arts education, to marketing, to finance, this internship will give you a holistic look as to how a performing arts organization operates. As an intern, you’ll be doing research and analysis, archival organization, artistic administration, and special projects aligned with the candidate’s individual focus! If you want to see how marketing works in the world of the arts, you won’t want to pass up this opportunity.

Pittsburgh Public Theater

621 Penn Ave | Downtown |

Internships Available: Marketing Internship

Want to know more about what marketing for theater looks like? With the Pittsburgh Public Theater, you’ll have the opportunity to work on the development of marketing campaigns, create new sales opportunities, and develop “added-value” programming. What makes people go to the theater? What does a target audience look like for a given show, and how do you identify them? What incentives and discounts increase ticket sales? As a Marketing Intern, you’ll get firsthand experience with audience development and publicity efforts. Plus, you may even be a part of designing pre or post-show programming!

Nonprofit Internships

Kids smile, holding up the school supplies that Footbridge for Families Marketing Interns helped provide them
Working with nonprofits can be really rewarding! Here, the Education Partnership was able to provide school supplies to students in low income schools. Image courtesy of Guardian Storage

The Education Partnership

281 Corliss St | Crafton Heights |

Internships Available: Marketing and Communication Intern

At the Education Partnership, you’ll learn all about marketing for a nonprofit. The Education Partnership’s mission is to provide school supplies to students and teachers at low-income schools in Southwestern PA. As a Marketing and Communications intern, you’ll assist with marketing research, social media, writing, and analytics tracking. You’ll get to work with their PR team, by crafting, calendaring, and posting social media content. Additionally, you’ll gain experience with external communications through working with their website, email blasts, and newsletter. Plus, if the logistics of non-profit events interest you, you’ll also get to assist in soliciting incentives and in-kind donations for their events.

Footbridge for Families

Internships Available: Marketing Intern

Footbridge for Families is a secure platform that directs community donations to families that are facing short-term financial crises. Their mission is to help divert families in financial crisis from more expensive outcomes. As a Marketing Intern, you’ll work with the Founder & CEO and Director of Operations to implement a short- and long- term marketing strategy and tactics for their nonprofit. Additionally, you’ll be leading the creation of marketing-related content both on their website and social media. 

Get a taste of startup life and intern with an independent consultant

Looking for a unique marketing internship experience? Aiken House works with a lot of “indy” growth hackers and marketing agencies, and we are more than happy to link you up with one - just contact us here.

And these are just a start! If you’re interested in marketing, Pittsburgh companies have a lot to offer you. Additionally, if you’re interested in doing marketing for an industry not listed here, why not reach out to the businesses that you admire? A lot of times they’ll have a position open, or a position coming up. Plus, even if they don’t have something for you then, they might be able to help you with other organizations that are looking for marketing interns!

Regardless of where you apply to, it’s clear that a marketing internship can take all kinds of forms. You don’t have to work for a massive company with hundreds of employees if you don’t want to! A lot of companies in Pittsburgh will allow you to really get to know the people you work with, and develop personal relationships and quality connections. Plus, in smaller companies, you’ll be able to gain a lot more experience in marketing. Instead of managing a tiny campaign or running to get coffee, you’ll be able to really apply what you’ve learned in school and get a lot more out of the experience. So what are you waiting for? Apply for a Pittsburgh marketing internship today!