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May 31, 2022

A Content Creator’s Guide to Laptop Shopping

Isabella Abbott

For any avid laptop user, choosing your next or first computer is a huge decision, one you don’t want to mess up since it’s extremely costly and something you don’t want to replace often. This is especially true for content creators who need it to work fast and well, providing them with just the right amount of speed to get their content, well, created! This blog will help show which laptops you’ll need in order for you to make your best content ever!

Starting Out 

The NVIDIA computers are built for any and every content creator which is why you’ll want to start out with an NVIDIA RTX GPU. With this specific laptop, you’ll find that applications will have an easier time running fast and will be able to work with ease unlike some other brands of laptops. With a faster, smoother laptop, you’ll be able to meet deadlines and post content quickly whether it meets your creative or work tasks as well. 

This laptop will also allow for large memory capacity, advanced graphics, design, and accelerated AI which will help any big, demanding projects you may have coming up in the future. You’ll also be able to do tasks like animating and rendering characters or whatever your project needs from anywhere like your favorite local coffee shop or while on vacation. Here are some other things that the computer will allow you to accomplish: 

  • Creating photorealistic pictures with lifelike features including shadows and lighting 
  • Allowing you to immerse yourself in different virtual reality creations
  • Designing and modifying 3D models 
  • Examining large datasets with no issues 
  • Creating the best content you’ve ever created 
A woman looking at her computer 
Content creators need the best laptop possible to be able to complete work in a timely fashion. Embedded code: 

What NVIDIA Laptops do

Video Editing Galore 

This type of content creator laptop not only allows you to do the things said above but it also allows you to do so much more. Here are some other things these types of laptops can do for you to make the content of your dreams: 

  • Editing videos. The NVIDIA RTX GPU delivers faster videos and enables shooting and editing. It allows for smooth edits as well with accelerated applications like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Blackmagic Resolve, etc. Your videos will turn out perfect with any computer by NVIDIA since that’s exactly what they’re made to do! 
  • Photography. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur photographer, either way, it’ll be easier for you to edit your photos with applications like Adobe Lightroom Classic. With these types of apps, you’ll be able to have crisper images with better color rendering which can allow for more detail in your photos and artwork. With Lightroom, you’ll also be able to isolate people which is a new feature! 
  • Animation. 3D artists can make exceptional work with the NVIDIA computers with their top-notch animation accelerated apps made for 3D artists. Using these types of computers, 3D animation artists will be able to render and make 3D scenes and create difficult animations easily. They’ll also be able to take advantage of ray-tracing hardware that would enable faster rendering speeds. Your 3D animation will look the best that it’s ever looked with the use of this brand! 

Not only do NVIDIA computers have many applications that will allow your content to pop and stand out from others, but they also have many different sizes for displays and RAMs that you can choose from. Artists and creators just have to find one based on their personal preference and experience with editing. 

For brightness and color calibration, the DCI P3 color gamut would provide the necessary contrast and could be useful to video artists for things like graphic design and photography. OLED displays would produce the most vivid and darkest colors alike. An added bonus is the 40% blue light cut out which can typically strain those who spend hours upon hours a day on their laptops. 

Camera next to a laptop 
With accelerated applications, you’ll be able to edit photos like never before.


You’ll also want to know how much RAM you need for your projects so that you’ll be able to work with larger videos or photos. With these computers, 16GB is a minimum but if you’re a professional, you’ll want to consider more than 32GB for the most amount of space and for a smoother experience in general. 


A CPU cannot be upgraded so when you’re deciding which one will work best for you, make sure to note that it’ll be permanent with the computer you’ll be using! But there are many different options available as well so make sure to research which one will best suit your creation’s top needs and requirements. Just remember that processing power is needed to fully run the OS and for the computer to have a smooth workflow. 

NVIDIA Studio Laptops 

These laptops are most specifically designed for content creators. With uses to power more than 70 creative apps allowing for creators to choose from for their work. It also provides resources like tools and video tutorials from top artists to help you become the creator you want to become. You’ll be able to witness what you can create from popular creators using the same tools that you’re using, which shows how much these computers can do! 

A computer monitor set-up. 
You’ll want to research the computer that’ll be the best fit for your work! 


The Powerful and Well-Known Apple Product 

An amazing MacBook for video editing is the 2021 MacBook Pro 16-inch. Along with it having the bigger screen size of 16 inches, it also supports editing for streams of 8K video. With it’s extremely fast M1 Pro or M1 Max Chip, there’s a lot this computer has to offer, other reasons why you should consider it includes: 

  • Up to 8TB of storage 
  • Larger screen display 
  • More efficient video processing 
  • Up to 21 hours battery life 
  • Up to 10-core CPU 

If you don’t like for a heavier laptop and you bring your work everywhere, you may want to consider the 14-inch model with the only difference being the screen size! The 2019 version of the 16-inch MacBook Pro is also a good choice since it’s a very powerful machine that allows for exciting video edits. This could even be a better option than the 2021 edition due to possible discounts on the older device! 

A picture of a MacBook 
A MacBook has a lot to offer for video editing 

Any one of these laptops listed in this blog are the ones you’ll find specifically designed and designated for content creators. With all the different types of accelerated applications, artists will find that it meets all their requirements for what they need in their work which will allow them to thrive and make the amazing content they so desire. If you’re a content creator, go out now and see all these laptops have to offer!