AI tools for Business that Should be on Your Radar

Saga Jakupcak

In this article, we will be exploring various AI tools for business that can help you get your feet on the ground. Anything from video and ad preparation to website building, is listed here. Though only the best and most popular AI sites will make it–and they all come with their unique pros and cons. 

Here’s what we’re going to cover today:

  • Pictory
  • Wix
  • ChatGPT
  • The pros and cons of all three

Tool One: Pictory, Not for Pictures–For Videos

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Alt Text: A camera is shown next to a reel of film.  
To take your business to the next level, employ a website that knows how to generate professional advertisements.  

Heralded by a tiny pictograph of a purple octopus, Pictory is a free to use Video Marketing AI software that can: convert blog posts into videos, generate videos from scripts, and cut down long videos of your product into short, attractive advertisements. 


  • Has a sharable feature (so that multiple team members can edit) 
  • The number of video’s per month may vary based on your payment plan, however, the limit is very reasonable: beginning at 30 videos per month. That’s enough breathing room to create one video per day! 
  • While the number of branding projects that you can complete does vary due to plan, …

Potential Cons: 

  • While the trial may be free, after your singular month of usage, you must select a payment plan. While standard is reasonable, at $19/month, premium is $39 and teams are an utterly unreasonable $99 per month. Therefore, Pictory is not ideal for a family startup company without a lot of sales or income. 
  • The Standard plan does not allow for voiceover.
  • The quality of customer service that you receive depends on the plan that you do have. So, standard plan payers will not receive priority support or dedicated account manager. The only plan that provides email, priority, and account manager is premium, alas. 

In summation, Pictory can do just about anything for you when it comes to branding and video creation. However, your experience of the program depends almost entirely on the plan that you receive. Smaller, student-run projects might fare better than serious startups on the standard plan, and not everyone can afford to pay $99 per month–especially if they’re employing other pricey AI programs in their quest for good branding and business promotion. 

Tool Two: Wix, The Website Whiz 

Alt Text: A laptop displays a designer’s website/ portfolio. 
In the age of the internet, almost every business needs an online presence in order to be successful.  That’s where AI like the kind Wix employs comes into play.  


Their website says it all. With professional, crystal-clear graphics and strategic implementation of information, Wix is a Website builder through and through! Geared for SEO, faster loading, and site security, Wix is the ideal software for beginners who are looking for great quality, right out the gate. 

So, what is an example of who might use Wix? An artist of any medium might utilize Wix when creating an online portfolio of their work. Additionally, a business owner who needs to schedule their clients might use Wix to create a site where their potential customers can go to book appointments. Finally, any blogging, selling, or advertising newbie out there might find it worth it to purchase Wix on a monthly plan to get their products out and into the professional world. 

Let's take a further look into the pro’s and con’s of using Wix.


  • This site has a massive range of features, and therefore, its audience is equally massive. Any student, entrepreneur, or blogger will certainly find a use for Wix’s website creation services. 
  • Free Calendar and Site Booster App included with every plan, excluding “light.” These apps last for about 1 yr before having to pay for them as well. 
  • A money-back guarantee for the first 14 days of site usage. If you find that you dislike Wix and what it has to offer, you should be able to back out fairly quickly with this feature. 

Potential Cons: 

  • Storage space. Depending on what you plan on creating with Wix, storage space may or may not become an issue later on. For example, the “light” plan only allows for 2 GB of storage space. Fortunately, both “enterprise” and “business elite” categories allow for unlimited storage space. However, they are both pricey: clocking in at around $159/month. 
  • “Enterprise.” This category allows for the most feature usage on Wix. You can store as much data as you like, have free access for two apps for up to a year, and are allowed an unlimited sales tax. But despite this, enterprise can leave a few first time users wary, as its purpose on Wix’s website is not entirely clear. For one, their payment plan does not list a monthly price. The phrase “pricing changes based on project scope,” may be a red flag for some, wary users looking to not get gouged…

Exactly how does Wix use AI? 

Wix employs a tool known as ADI. ADI stands for Artificial Design Intelligence, and allows users to operate the website without a how-to guide. By

  • Creating a profile
  • Setting design preferences 
  • And repeatedly customizing your creation 

Wix ADI allows a user to implement a variety of customizations that will give their website a unique look. 

Tool Three: Chat GPT–Not Just for Cheating?


Alt Text: Two cute robots look at their blue laptops.  
ChatGPT has an online reputation of being used as a buffer for students’ essays, but that’s not all it can do.  

If you’ve been online recently, you may have heard of a popular AI site known as ChatGPT. Generally, it is referenced as part of a long-standing educational gag: students using ChatGPT to create obviously AI-written essays. 

It’s negligible reputation within the educational world notwithstanding, many upstart businesses have begun to utilize ChatGPT for a variety of functions. For one, ChatGPT makes it significantly easier to read PDFs, draft itineraries, search links, and edit diagrams. 

Let’s learn a bit more about this auto generative AI Chatbot…


  • ChatGPT at its most basic subscription level is free to users. However, as with most of these AI tools for businesses, the greater you pay, the greater the variety of features available to you. 
  • ChatGPT is at its best when generating short passages of text. For example, PDF or article summaries. 
  • If you struggle to employ professional jargon in your emails, ChatGPT can help with that, too. All you need do is tell the program the point that you are looking to get across, to the best of your specifications, and it will produce the perfect body of text for you. 

Potential Cons:

  • As is often mentioned in jest, ChatGPT is an imperfect tool still in the throes of development. As such, it is prone to errors. 

What are “Tokens” in ChatGPT? 

One feature that I neglected to mention above was ChatGPT’s use of “tokens.” Essentially, every passage that you “commission” ChatGPT to create, employs certain tokens in the form of words. A token is, in essence, a singular unit/bloc of text. There are limits to the number of tokens that ChatGPT allows you to use, as the number of tokens contained within a piece of text determines the price that you pay for the continued use of ChatGPT. 

Refer to this article for more information about ChatGPT’s use of tokens before diving headfirst into the product. 

In Conclusion, AI can fill a Variety of Functions within Your Small or Large Business

While prices vary along with the services that may be available to you, this comprehensive list of AI tools includes something for everyone. From small startups to large, established businesses, anyone can benefit from additional AI help in the form of: ads, websites, and writing services.