AI Tools for Marketing that are Worth the Hype

Saga Jakupcak

AI is being increasingly used in order to aid professionals young and old in their business ventures. AI–while notorious for being a tool for those looking to “cheat” academically–is perfectly acceptable in a business setting. Whether you are using it to generate images for your website, structure that website, or install a chatbot into said website, there is plenty here for entrepreneurs to pick from when looking to bring an air of professionalism to their startups. 

Let’s take a look at the following programs: 

  • Chatfuel 
  • Grammarly 
  • SurferSEO
  • PictoryAI
  • Ocoya


Image courtesy of Chatfuel Blog 

What it does: 

If you have access to the internet (it’s presumed that you do if you are viewing this article) you have likely encountered a chatbot while perusing a business or org website. While at times dismissed for being unnecessary and annoying to user experience, chatbots have a definite place in the marketing world. 

Chatfuel allows you to create a sort of AI version of yourself. That way, you can always be “ready” to aid customer experience: answering questions, directing guests, providing suggestions, etc. 

Rather than simply creating a dreary FAQ page that your target audience is unlikely to scroll through, utilizing Chatfuel, you can create a semi-personal experience for your users. (Chatfuel used to be partnered with Facebook, if that is any indicator that they are a serious contender for your attention). Read more. 


Caption: Image courtesy of Reedsy Blog.

What it does: 

Grammarly works through the various applications that you use, checking for wording, grammar, formality. Every suggestion requires your approval, so that you still have the ability to tailor your works to your tastes. Very much like the suggestion tool on Google Drive, Grammarly simply provides a few tweaks to your writing, in order to improve flow, formality, and word choice.  


Image courtesy of Surfer SEO.

What it does: 

Content Optimization has become a bit of a buzzword lately. But what exactly is it? For one, content optimization is a way of ensuring that your content reaches the maximum amount of people within your audience as possible (and even people not necessarily within your desired audience). Essentially, it is the biggest, brightest content–the first to show up after any search that gets clicked on, and therefore has a better chance of success. 

The AI tool Content Editor (2.0) can be employed to market your work, using tactics relating to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that target keywords to increase your articles’ internet presence. It even provides you with a score in this regard, analyzing your work based on its keywords, structure, and content. 

If you need help analyzing and promoting articles, or any content within your website, Surfer SEO is the right tool for you!


Image courtesy of Vocal Media.

What it does: 

Pictory AI uses AI to generate videos for marketing, namely advertisements. The program operates at its best when used to create short, approx. 30 second videos. A long video can be condensed into a much smaller short, and features can be added to enhance the video, for example: background music, AI voice overs, and AI captions. 

If you are not a professional director or video editor, this tool is ideal for you. Simple to use and its price plan is very fair, offering the vast majority of its many features to those who employ the most basic plan. 


Image courtesy of Capterra. 

What it does: 

If you want to market your business through social media, then Ocoya is definitely the route to go down. It possesses a virtual post creator that takes into account the site you will be posting on while creating your content. All of your social media projects are contained via a single dashboard, which you can continually return to in order to view your previous posts. 

Read more 

Jasper AI 

Image Courtesy of

What it Does: 

Jasper is an AI writer tailored to bloggers and businesses.  Essentially, it creates your content for you.  It does so by taking a few of your simple subject/ word inputs and writes from there, keeping in mind the tone and intended audience of the content.  

As an AI product, it already comes pre-edited, and so there is little brushing up needed on the part of the human “author.” Instead, your aricle/ advertisement/ marketing piece is ready to be published! 

Jasper AI even has a convenient video intro to its product.  Check it out here.  You can even schedule a demo, if you are having troubles with the operating system.  

Use for: Blog posts, product descriptions, emails and office addresses 


Image Courtesy of 

What it does: 

Celtra is an AI product that allows you to add automation to your website.  These projects, labeled “campaigns,” are, by and large, “dynamic product ads” that showcase products in a flashy and modern way.  For example, the Celtra website states that you can use their product for the following: “Create visual overlays, graphic call-outs and end-cards to embellish existing video assets with content. Make video creative relevant to each audience at a specific moment in time and location or present them with latest product offers and promotions.”  

In terms of pricing, Celtra (at this time) does not have a “free version.” Instead, users may choose from a pricing plan as presented to them via sales (one must contact sales in order to get a demo and pricing info).  While having your products payment plan hidden away behind a few virtual walls, user reviews of Celtra–generally–report high levels of user satisfaction, which may justify the cost.  

Refer here to user satisfaction reports and reviews.  


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What it does: 

Manychat is an AI tool that is marketed as a way to grow one’s business.  In order to do so, Manychat allows you to develop your own messenger bots for the purposes of marketing, sales promotion, and customer service.  

There are plenty of reasons why your businesses’ website might benefit from the use of a messenger bot.  For one, messenger bots disperse information that may otherwise be difficult to find to customers.  Additionally, messenger bots–rather paradoxically–give your website a “human” touch, as customers are able to have an ongoing conversation regarding the product, rather than having to scrounge for their own information online.  Refer to this article regarding the importance of messenger bots.  

While Manychat does come with a few cons, for example it’s cost of use and multitude of tools–it is no doubt a help for those seeking to heavily market their online businesses, as well as those who desire to give their company (and by extension, their products) a personal touch.  

That wraps up our AI tools for marketing you should check out!

Even the most traditionalist amongst us must eventually admit that AI has its place within the business world. Once ‘amateur’ productions are now getting more attention thanks to the air of professionalism that AI provides. With plans varying from affordable to expensive, there are features for every possible use within the above programs. Wherever you fall short, AI can help. Whether you are looking to refine your writing skills, beautify your website, or whip up a phenomenally directed advertisement–AI has you covered.