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Jul 3, 2020

Content Creation is King- Check Out Pittsburgh’s Top Content Agencies

Genna Edwards

If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase ‘content creation,’ we can help you out. Content creation simply refers to the creation of, well, content- primarily for the web, primarily in blog format. Companies hire content creators to manage and create websites and blogs posts that drive the company’s SEO efforts.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When you type a word into a search engine like Google, the results are ordered according to a range of values. With SEO in mind, you can increase your company’s web traffic by driving your brand name and content higher up on Google’s algorithm. Using keywords, pictures, and selectively mentioning certain words can boost an article or webpage higher up on the algorithm.

Content creators take care of all of that for a company or client, so they don’t have to sweat about it at all. Focus on your business, and content creation agencies will focus on your marketing, your web design, your social media posts- you name it. Using content creators helps your brand’s digital strategy and marketing in the long run, or even the short run!

Read on for why you should use content creators, and what content creation agencies are the best of the best in the Steel City!

Content creation teams will allow you to sit back and relax. They can handle everything from blog writing to marketing to web design, leaving you with more time to focus on running your business the best you can! As more businesses create blogs and web content, you don’t want to be left in the dust. Hop on content creation and be one of the first to set yourself out from the crowd.

Why Use a Content Creation Agency or Freelancer?

Wondering if your company should have a blog at all? Trust us- it’s worth it.

The pros of using content creators are many. Content creation allows your business to stand out online, and we all know standing out and being unique helps you have a leg up on any competitors. Content creation is professional and can prove that you’re a real forward-thinker or leader in your industry, that you do so many other things besides what you’re known for. Content creation gives your customers and consumers resources outside of your main website- you can use blogs to explain certain trickier aspects of your business, or simply to connect with future customers!

Content creation, furthermore, drives web traffic to your site. When we consider that under Search Engine Optimization, it’s a win all the way through- more traffic means your website will be considered more essential or useful, and thus your website will show up higher in internet searches. You’ll set yourself apart from competitors by being the first or second site to show up when customers are searching for a business or service.

Any company’s digital strategy can be enhanced by hiring content creators or a full-service content creation agency. There are really no downsides to jumping into content creation, and it will only become more popular in the future as the shift to companies having full online presences continues.

Content creation agencies work hand-in-hand with marketing and web development teams to produce the best content that simultaneously drives traffic to your website. More traffic means more chances of sales- that’s a win for you!

Go with an Independent Consultant

Aiken House works with a lot of “indy” growth hackers and content creators, and we are more than happy to link you up with one - just contact us here.
More people means more creativity and more ideas- here are the content creation agencies in Pittsburgh with the most manpower behind them. These agencies and the people that run them can help boost your business or idea in more ways than one.

Top Pittsburgh Content Creation Agencies

Now that you’re sold, you’re looking for the right agency. Find them below!

Whether you’re searching for a job in content creation or a company manager on the hunt for an agency to hire, the following agencies are for you. Check out their linked websites for more information.

Of course, this is only a small sample of the content creation agencies Pittsburgh has to offer. Small agencies and startups will continue to pop up as time goes on and content creation becomes more important in maintaining company presence.


5424 Walnut St | Shadyside |

Key clients: HER Realtors, Red Bull, eIVF, Nike Bauer

At Schenley, content is King. They believe in creating content that is engaging enough to educate and entertain readers and consumers at the same time. Schenley's content writing process begins with extensive research on your target demographic and competition followed by launching compelling content, improving your company’s SEO standings, and analyzing data across platforms. Whether you need help with your blogs, social, PR outreach, or growing your prospects, Schenley's team of Pittsburgh-based content creators can deliver the results you've been looking for.

Bolt PR

100 S Commons #102 | North Shore |

Key clients: Orange Theory Fitness, Pollo Loco, Portrait Innovations, Model Prep, Meat Head Movers

Known for editorial placements, Bolt PR is an enthusiastic team that knows exactly how powerful words can be. With media relations services ranging from press releases and press kits to interview coordination to story development to content marketing to crisis communications, you can rest assured that Bolt PR will help your brand find the right words in any situation.


Address Not Listed |

Key clients: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Eckert Seamans, Pediatric Alliance, Washington & Jefferson College

Are you looking for clear, engaging, informative writing? Then WordPlay Writing believes you've found the "write" team in them. Wordplay is here to help brands communicate with their clients, customers, prospects, employees, contributors, and anyone else you need to reach out to and inform.


6401 Penn Ave | Bakery Square |

Key clients: Geico, LiveNation, Hard Candy, Revlon, NBC Sports

With locations in Pittsburgh and NYC, Huemor is a web design and development agency that understands a website is only as engaging as its copy. Huemor believes in using clear contact and impactful visuals to help you build a memorable brand and really connect with your clients. "Creativity inspires affection and action," they say on their website. And Huemor has creativity in spades.

Ker Communications

6425 Penn Ave | Bakery Square |

Key clients: Blue River Cleaning, Happel Laser, You Caring, Inspire My Kids

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!" reads the top of the Ker Communications website. Ker Communications positions itself as a leader in the digital marketing field, bringing together SEO, Content, Social, and Design to help Pittsburghers build a better brand. Ker Communications believes that people are looking for what you have to offer... all you have to do is make it easier for them to find you.


6425 Penn Ave | Bakery Square |

Key clients: InMotion, X Shadyside, Bay Area Child Care Centers, Jett

Responsival is a full-service content creation agency in Pittsburgh. They specialize in marketing, design, and web development, with each sector ready to assist your company and brand in any way possible. Marketing covers social media and email campaigns, as well as helping you draft a long-term marketing plan for your brand. Get your name out there! Their design team will help you look as sharp as possible, polishing your online and print marketing campaigns to attract everyone’s eyes. Their web development team, in tandem, will keep your site looking fresh and ready for all the content that comes its way.

Beyond Spots & Dots

1034 Fifth Ave | Downtown |

Key clients: Automotive, arts and entertainment, education, energy

If you're looking to optimize your advertizing, Beyond Spots & Dots is a great option. Located in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh, Beyond Spots & Dots brings data driven strategies and proven results. From advertising to marketing to public relations to branding, they are here to help brands tell their story and connect with clients.

Go with an Independent Consultant

Aiken House works with a lot of “indy” growth hackers and content creators, and we are more than happy to link you up with one - just contact us here.

Content creation will only become more and more prevalent in our everyday lives. If you’re considering investing in a content creation agency or startup, we say go for it. Having an online presence is extremely important to all businesses, no matter what kind, and having a crew of creators on your side can only help your marketing and sales.

With many robust content creators in Pittsburgh, the city is truly all yours.