Jun 8, 2022

E-Commerce Checklist and How to Get More Conversions

Isabella Abbott

Having a good e-commerce checklist for a business is a top priority. A lot of mistakes can occur when a checklist doesn’t have everything it needs and doesn’t allow the company any benefits. But, with conversion designer Jaka Šmid and his conversion-focused WooCommerce themes, anything is possible for your business! 

What Conversions Are 

How they Work 

With computers, a conversion can be defined as a transferring of one file from one format to another format. With Šmid’s business, converting is used from the checklist onto the client’s actual website to make changes to their website from an Excel spreadsheet. These changes then have to be made on the website to get higher customer ratings and more sales. 

How To Build an Online Brand 

To start building an online brand you need to figure out some things first which include: 

  • Considering how many products you’re selling. If you don’t have at least an estimated number of the products you’re selling, then you won’t know the best website format for those products to be displayed and viewed. 
  • Consider the customers coming to your site. You want to make sure your site is user friendly so that you’ll be able to attract more customers and allow for returning customers to want to return. This can be done exceptionally well with professionally designed templates that guide you to the best possible website designs. 
  • Consider different website builders. When and if you decide to pick a website builder, be sure to research their clients and their budget to make sure you’re getting what’s best and needed for your brand to start to develop and grow! If they have little to no experience with website building, you may want to trust a different, more well known brand to start yours. 
Picture of people working on a computer task
When starting to build a website make sure you know all the possibilities and options for website builders and ways to attract customers. You don’t want to start building and have no room for growth and customer interactions and sales. 

Mistakes that Online Stores Make 

Although online stores want to show everything they sell to customers on their site and why they’re a great company you should buy from, some information isn’t needed. Too much at once can lead to customers getting overwhelmed and leaving the site for that reason even if they like the products they sell. If there is a massive sale or drop in the price of products, customers don’t want to be too overwhelmed with pop-up ads screaming at them to purchase the product either. Some other mistakes that sites can see include: 

  • Complicated checkout process. Some websites tend to lead you through a maze just to checkout for your items. During this process, companies could be losing customers who end up growing impatient with the many redirections they have to go through to just purchase an item. They want their shopping experiences to be almost like shopping in the store but without the lines and hassle. But if the process is too complicated, it’ll feel like they’re in a busy checkout line. Online shopping is great so customers don’t have to go to the store, and it should be effortless for them to order the items they need! 
  • Mobile shopping is difficult. Like it says in the paragraph above, customers don’t want to spend a lot of time on the website they’re ordering from. They typically just want to order and see it at their house in the next couple of days. But if online shopping is too difficult, companies will lose sales since customers will give up on trying to find what they want and or need. When they come to a website for a product, they want to leave with it after an effortless experience, not an awful one. 
  • The pages don’t have popular selling items. This is a definite way that companies will lose money if their most popular selling products aren’t showcased on their site. Since it is a highly purchased product, you’d want your website to showcase it so then even more people can purchase it while you enjoy the cash out as well. You wouldn’t ever want to hide a well-known product since you’d want everyone to own it! 

A lot of money can easily be lost here if your website doesn’t contain:

  • Popular products on the front pages. If websites don’t display their most wanted and purchased products on their most visited pages, then they won’t sell since customers won’t want to search hard for what they want. Sometimes customers will only look at front pages of sites as well since they don’t want to scroll through too many pages for a product they need. You’ll want to make them keep scrolling and stay on your website with trendy items and popular products laid out first. 
  • An easy checkout process. If the checkout process is difficult for customers to navigate, they may give up on their purchase all together since online shopping is for their convenience of not waiting in store lines. They may even leave the site altogether to find an easier one to purchase from. 
Lady smiling at a computer. 
You’ll want customers to leave your site feeling happy and wanting to visit again. 

Reasons Why the Checklist for Redesign Works 

The checklist that Jaka made will not only make your conversion rates higher than ever before, but it will also increase sales and profits for your company. It will allow you to see what your site needs to fix in order to get more sales and people coming to shop. With it you’ll be able to:

  • Have an increase in order values 
  • Have a decreased cost amount of customer acquisition 
  • Have a higher conversion rate 

How Exactly the Checklist Works

Unlike some hard-to-follow checklists, this specific one is easy to follow and covers every single aspect of an online store. Here is how it works:

  • First, you’ll obviously have to purchase the e-commerce checklist! 
  • After that, you’ll want to go through each and every checkpoint which will evaluate your store 
  • Then, you’ll want to do those required tasks which could help change your store’s income 
  • Finally, just sit back and enjoy the benefits of the checklist! 
A person writing a checklist 
The checklist is perfect for any company wanting to grow and expand their customer base and products.

About the Maker 

Jaka Šmid founded the design company ProteusThemes in 2012 which then grew into a multi-million dollar company that he built from scratch. By doing everything himself when the company first started, he learned a lot of skills which makes him extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of high-converting pages and sites. Also, since he’s been in the online design industry for more than 13 years, he definitely knows exactly what he’s doing! 

He has worked for companies that have been able to generate more than $600,000 dollars a year in extra profit, and companies that have been able to increase revenue by 65%! If these factors about him don’t blow your mind at what he can do then I don’t know what can! He’s able to show companies how to successfully gain more customers while providing an easy site to navigate at the same time. If his checklist wasn’t easy to follow and manageable, it would be like any other e-commerce checklist, but his checklist brings so much to the table. 

He’s reliable and knows exactly how to make your business the best it can be. By generating thousands of dollars in extra revenue with his deep understanding of conversion rates, he’ll make your site expand while sales increase! You’ll want to use his work since highly successful business owners rave about him, and he’s eager to share all his learning and information.

Image courtesy of Conversion Design.  

There’s really no reason why your company shouldn't buy this checklist for e-commerce since it has everything you’ll possibly need to run an online store. Unlike some checklists, it’s super easy to follow and navigate through which allows for easy solutions for company issues. It also helps you fix possible mistakes that you’ve made in website design. It’s a great investment that will allow your company to grow and gain more revenue. Go out and buy it today if you think your company needs some help and guidance!