TikTok’s New Tools For Marketers


The app that’s done it all has officially done it again. Recently, TikTok has made it easier to access important insights for marketers in the app. This new feature will allow for an interactive experience while looking at different types of insights created. With it, users will be able to gather critical points of data for whatever they need, whether that’s looking to varying trends in the US or how often people your age are using the app. This blog will show readers why it’s important and what exactly TikTok recently made for marketers using their app. 

What is TikTok?

Everything You Need To Know About The Popular App 

TikTok was created as a social media platform used to create and share short clips and videos. It allows for people, especially younger people, to express themselves by dancing, singing, or acting which they can then post on the platform for the world to see. It’s a great way to share experiences with one another and even cultural differences which we can then learn from. 

Typically the videos can last anywhere from 3 seconds to 10 minutes which users can pause and go back to whenever they feel like it. Some users can even use it as a platform to build companies or can post content they will get paid for. 

A picture of TikTok. 
Anyone is able to download the TikTok app and then use it to view or create videos for a big audience to see. You’ll be able to pass videos you dislike and even save videos you love while scrolling endlessly through the app! 

Interactive Insights Tool 

A New and Powerful Business Tool for TikTok Users

If you’re looking for more insights on the most downloaded app in the world, then you’re in the exact place for it! This can especially apply to new marketers on the app who may be searching for the best ways to insert themselves onto TikTok with more prominence. The new feature can allow for many different types of insights, including:

  • Location of the insights. First you’ll be able to pick the location you want for the specific insights you’re looking for. You’ll be able to choose from many different locations including Australia, Brazil, Canada, the United States, Spain, Thailand, and more! If you wanted to look at insights globally, they have that option as well! For example, if you wanted to see how many Millennial TikTok users discovered new brands on the platform from a specific location like Canada, you’d just have to put Canada as the location in the drop-down menu to then get your results! 
  • Audience insights. With this specific category, you’ll be able to view insights from Gen Z, Millennials, or Gen X and can even combine all three if you want! It’ll allow you to consider which age groups do what the most on the app as well. For example, if you wanted to see how many people from the Gen X category sent a video to friends after viewing the content, it would show you that percentage. 
  • Advertising insights. For advertising insights, you’ll be able to choose from the categories of a creator, advertising, or people. This will allow you to see what you need from one or all of those standpoints. An example of an insight from this category would be if you wanted to see what percentage of users enjoyed when brands sponsored creators to show off a product. 
  • Industry insights. Since there are a ton of industries that use TikTok as a way of branding and or selling, there’s a lot you can choose from on the insights website. These include apparel and accessories, beauty and personal care, cleaning and household, education, financial services, food and beverage, gaming, sports and outdoors, tech and electronics, retail, Telco, and CPG. An example from this category would be if you needed to figure out what percentage of users discovered a new brand and or product on the platform. 
  • Holidays and event insights. By using this insight drop down, you’ll be able to find information on Christmas, Black Friday, back to school, U.S. Independence Day, Easter, Ramadan, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, Super Bowl, EuroCup, St. Patrick’s Day, graduation, and Valentine’s Day. So basically, for every holiday and event that you can think of, TikTok will have some sort of information or insight about it for you! An example from this category would be if you wanted to figure out what percentage of users who made a Christmas purchase said they were inspired to buy from a TikTok video which is actually 65% of people according to the website! 
  • Yearly insights. For this category, you’ll be able to pick the year you would like these insights to come from, which for now just shows the years 2020 and 2021 since 2022 isn’t over quite yet. This will allow you to narrow down the insights into a yearly category so that you don’t receive too much information. But if you do want more information, you could always combine these two and have both years present for insights. An insight you could find from this category is any insight that occurred or was calculated in the year that you pick! 

All of these options are available as drop-downs on the business insight website that TikTok runs. You’ll also be able to combine any of them for your research or business purposes! 

A picture of TikTok insights. 
Photo courtesy of SocialMediaToday.com. With TikTok’s new insights feature, anyone will be able to view whatever insights they need or want at their own convenience. Since the insights are a new tool with the app, there are certain ones you can choose from, which are shown on their website from drop-down menus and are all explained in the paragraphs above. You’ll be able to view what you want from there, helping you find information for any company or research purposes! 

Why The Insights Are Important 

TikTok’s Stats and What They Can Accomplish 

Not only can the new insights website help marketers and those benefitting from the app but anyone who has any interest in insights in general. By having a new platform where anyone can view different statistics, TikTok is able to reach more viewers. While there are many insights that show percentages, there are also some that show top 3 statistics and multiplication statistics. For example, one insight you could find is that in Australia, TikTok users are 1.4 times more likely than other platform users to discover new brands and products on the platform. 

With their abundance of information from TikTok right at your fingertips, you’ll be able to find  things you were and weren’t even looking for. 

An insight from the TikTok website 
Photo Courtesy of TikTok.com. By having many different insights to choose from, you’ll be able to find ones that are very specific and one that are more global and general. Either way you’ll be able to pick and choose which information you want to view to figure out insights on them. 

The massive video platform has made it possible to see insights and videos from all around the world allowing people to really see what others are up to and their differing experiences from our own! Marketers will be able to figure out what they need to do to improve their companies with these insight tools as well since they show what’s working and what isn’t on the app. Either way, by introducing this new site to show statistics on the app, TikTok has made it easy to view what’s happening whether that’s in different years or even in different countries.