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Sep 24, 2020

Leading Esports Agencies That You Should Sign With Today!

Nicolas Lucente

To be successful in the ever-growing esports industry, signing with the right agency is important. A top notch influencer agency will be able to take your game to the next level. Whoever you sign with should be able to help with your marketing strategies and be able to help you land endorsement deals to expand your horizons in order to make more money throughout your gaming career. There are many esports agencies to pick from. It is important that you feel welcome and, more importantly, that you feel like a priority to the company before signing with them.


If you want to sign with a local Pittsburgh-area brand, there's a company called Boosted. Boosted is a small esports agency that has worked with some big names in the game such as FaZe Simp and Surge Pandur. The CEO, Russell Slayton, has been a long time esports agent and he even has several years of experience working with hundreds of professional basketball players overseas. With his wisdom in the field and a great supporting cast, Boosted is a great option for those in the Pittsburgh area that may want to meet in person or have an office to go to in order to talk with agents face to face. However, since we are dealing within the realm of esports, in person communication is not as necessary as it is for other sports.

Viral Nation

One of the bigger agencies in the game is a company called Viral Nation. Founded in 2014, Viral Nation works with companies and influencers around the world with a “talent database that includes over 20 million accounts.” Founders Mathew Micheli and Joe Gagliese were actually named to the Top 30 under 30 list by Marketing Magazine. While the company is located in Ontario, Canada, it doesn't really matter in this day and age to feel the need to go there to meet with agents. Viral Nation handles clients all over the globe and directly works with social networks like Twitch. The company also works with worldly brands such as Bud Light, Aston Martin, Crayola, and PUBG Mobile. Viral Nation does a great job getting your name out there and getting brands to work alongside you as well.

The Kairos eSports logo that they use for its LinkedIn account. Image courtesy of LinkedIn.

Kairos eSports

While Viral Nation may be a huge influencer marketing company, there is another company called Kairos eSports that specifically deals with clients that exist within the realm of esports. They have several clients that include KFC, Gameloft, Wargaming Mobile, Amazon Appstore, and Vodafone. The company provides services in several areas such as entry esports marketing strategy, which is extremely important for esports influencers that are brand new to the industry. This area of expertise will help you understand your specific brand  and objectives that you seek to hit, using their strategies you will be able to accomplish exactly what you want.

Kairos eSports can also set you up for tournament play. The company runs both online and offline tournaments that will help bring viewers to your channel and bring more attention to your brand, while also growing your reputation within the esports community. Kairos eSports will also help you with creative content production. Not all of us can be fantastic editors or graphic designers, this is where the company comes into play and will make you seem more legitimate.  The company will also help you with influencer relations, it possesses this power through years of connections that the average gamer simply does not have, but they can help you network by using those connections without you having to start from scratch. Kairos eSports has such a keen knowledge of the esports industry and community, this knowledge that they are willing to share with their clients will significantly help your brand and your success.


Another company that strictly deals with esports clients is Ader. Similar to Kairos eSports, Ader helps “connect gamers with brands in a variety of tournaments and live events.” Ader does a great job with this aspect of influencer relations. Getting a client involved with tournaments is one thing, but the company sets up their clients to make several social appearances at conventions and charity events as well. Important to put a face to the name and network in person as much as you do virtually. It is also a good look for your brand to be seen at charity events and other places where you are able to interact with fans, and other audience members.

The company also understands the importance that streaming has to your brand. They work with both Twitch and YouTube, understanding that both are important for audience consumption. Here is where their content editing comes into play. While you are streaming on Twitch, they will take the highlights of your stream and help you create a cohesive YouTube video that is not a three hour lengthy stream that you might be posting to Twitch. That way it is easier to expand your audience to include those who like to watch long streams and for the people that only want to see the best clips of your strength, or want specific advice that they really only need a 10 to 20 minute video for. Ader is another great choice for any new or old content creator in the esports community, but there are several options to choose from when picking an agency to sign with.

With over 5,000 influencers under its belt, Audiencly is a powerhouse in the influencer community. Image courtesy of LinkedIn.


Audiencly is another great choice that is extremely educated and experienced in the influencer marketing field. The company works with over 5,000 influencers over social networks YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram. Audiencly’s main services include influencer public relations, campaign planning, lead generation, product integration, and both offline and online events. Their influencer public relations service will help you start advertising through your content. The company’s system is accurate at reaching target audiences.

This is all about marketing strategies and helping you use your brand to earn money. The lead generation service is simply to direct more consumers to your website or stream. All of these services with the assistance of Audiencly will bring your brand to the next level. The company also follows a six step process to ensure both success and satisfaction for both parties.

  1. Selecting the best gaming influencers that meet your needs.
  2. Checking their availability for your campaign.
  3. Reviewing the best possible price.
  4. Reviewing your campaign.
  5. Reviewing the statistics once the influencers have carried out the campaign.
  6. Checking that everybody is completely satisfied.


Playing off the popular gaming term “no-scope,” Knowscope describes itself as a company for gamers by gamers. On the company’s website home page, they keep it simple with three steps.

  1. We connect gamers & brands.
  2. Gamers connect the brand to their audience.
  3. Both parties make more money and are happier for it.

Knowscope has an entire community of both gamers and content creators with large audiences that they introduce to brands that are looking for ways to promote themselves. The company works with both the gamers and the brands, serving as a matchmaking service between the two. Knowscope is much simpler than the other companies on this list, for all they really do is that. You will be able to network within the community of content creators they have already established, but do not expect them to manage you as an esports athlete like other companies would. Knowscope’s objective is to simply get gamers paid doing what they love, the rest of your career is pretty much on you to decide.

The German influencer marketing brand, Game Influencer’s logo. Image courtesy of Pitch and Match.

Game Influencer

An influencer marketing company out of Germany, Game Influencer is similar to other companies on this list that help influencers with their marketing campaigns. The company’s services include building marketing campaigns for their clients, channel sponsorship opportunities, and influencer events. Game Influencer provides that agency feel with its ability to connect influencers with other brands by using campaign strategies, as well as channel sponsorship for whatever streaming service you decide to use.

Their influencer events service helps bring in larger crowds to your next event by setting you up with other gamers that may have a larger following. Using this method, the trickle effect takes place and the goal is for you to acquire more followers that may not have known about you before the event took place. Through Game Influencer, you would get paid based on video views, app installs, or a fixed fee on a monthly basis. Their service allows you to track your progress and shows you where you may be struggling in your marketing strategy.

Just remember, whoever you decide to sign with, make sure the company is fulfilling your needs and you feel that you are getting the support you need to accomplish your goals. Best of luck in your esports influencer career!